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Have You Had “The Talk”?

Some couples have The Talk early in their relationships. Others wait years into their marriage and yet others may be near retirement before it occurs. Sooner or later, however, most will have the discussion. It centers on what happens after the death of one or another. “Would you get married again?”, “You should get married again.”, “Becky would be good for you.”, and other similar statements are often included. Some take The Talk as just that…talk. Others engage more seriously in it, discussing plans for cremation or burial, what songs they want played at final services and other details.

What is often missing in The Talk is some serious discussions about what the financial ramifications of a spouse dying can be.

This financial part of The Talk should include real life, short and long-term impacts of a death.

How much will final expenses be?

What credit cards will need to be paid?

Will there be car payments to deal with?

How is the income lost going to be replaced?

Longer term issues to address are where will the surviving spouse live? Is the potential need for child care or future college expenses in play? Will the remaining spouse have to work full-time for the foreseeable future?

One question often leads to another and the financial impact can quickly rise. So, what’s the answer?

Many are finding it in life insurance. Life insurance allows you to take a small amount of money and use it to purchase a much larger amount of financial protection. It provides the beneficiary a smoother path through the immediate impact of a death and sets a straighter trail for the future. It also provides valuable peace of mind.

Where do you start? Have The Talk include discussions about cremation, your favorite songs and Becky. Then reach out to one of our independent life insurance agents. Have a discussion about your plans and goals and have them review your current coverage. Allow them a chance to create a plan that may include term and permanent insurance to fit your needs and budget. You always maintain control of your choices and how to proceed. Our agents are there to assist you, not sell you.

Go ahead and have The Talk. Then do something really out-of-the-box. Call a life insurance agent. You may ultimately be very glad you did.

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